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High temperature records were broken in many locations in Oregon on Tuesday. Here are some of them: Eugene 106, old record 100 in 2003; Portland 106, old record 101 in 1998; Salem 107, old record 99 in 2003; Roseburg 108, old record 107 in 1998. Medford also had a record high 108 and the old record was 105 in 2003. The Excessive Heat Warning remains in effect for all of the Willamette Valley, the Coast Range, and the Cascades. There will be more records tied or broken today.  The coast will remain the coolest place to be today while the valleys will see temperatures back into the 100s. Thursday will cool a bit by dropping to the mid to upper 90s. Friday we should really feel the change as a trough of low pressure brings in an onshore airflow to cool us down to the 80s. The big advantage we have here in the Pacific Northwest is the big diurnal change in temperature. The High Temperature is above 100, but the Low Temperature overnight drops by about 40 degrees. Most other places in the U.S. heat up and keep the heat in overnight. Keep cool! Cooler air is coming, just not soon enough.

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