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I expected to see a cooling trend today, but it cooled even more than I expected. That low pressure area off the south coast of Oregon sent some cooler marine air our way faster that I thought it wood. I was out at Bi-Mart at 18th & Chambers from Noon until 2:00 PM selling raffle tickets for the Eugene Downtown Lions Club annual car raffle and the shade I was standing in and the breeze combined to make it a very pleasant undertaking. Special thanks to those of you who purchased tickets from me and to those of you who purchased tickets from any other Lions who have been out selling tickets. The money we raise allows us to help many people in the area. The cooling trend will continue tomorrow. Eugene’s high temperature today reached a much more comfortable 88 degrees. Salem reached only 92, Roseburg 96, and 105 for Medford and the Dalles high temperature were the warmest in the state. There will be a chance of thunderstorms in the Cascade mountains & foothills over the next couple of days and into the weekend they could wobble enough to the west to hit the valleys.

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