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From Memphis, TN we moved to Eugene, OR over 17 years ago. We arrived during a record drought, the worst I have ever seen. We’ve had most types of storms including rain, snow, ice, thunderstorms, a tornado or two (yes we do have them, though very infrequently) in Oregon, and of course the dreaded wildfires. Let’s not forget the occasional tsunami possibilities. During the wet years we even had a combination of some serious flooding and snow.  This area also has felt some earthquakes since my arrival. I’ve been asked the question “Did my being here bring the storms?” and my answer is no. I do know what to do when any disaster strikes since I have been through them myself. That means I know how to help save my live and yours without having to go look it up in a book. Please feel free to share your weather experiences with the rest of us. Remember, this blog is for you to share.

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