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A broad upper level trough of low pressure (Shaded “U” shape with blue arrows) will continue to have an effect on us. It looks like the moisture expected to hang around through Saturday is vanishing. That means Saturday should be a really good day for the 2014 Prefontaine Classic. Partly cloudy and comfortable temperatures for the morning, then mostly sunny and warming in the afternoon. Most runners like clouds and cooler temperatures for optimal running conditions and that’s what they should see Saturday morning.



Advisories: None at This Time.




Air Quality Index:

Eugene-Springfield: The Air Quality Index is 45 in the Good category measuring Particulate Matter at Amazon Park,Eugene. Data courtesy of Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA)

Oakridge: The Air Quality Index is 17 in the Good category measuring Particulate Matter at Willamette Activity Center, Oakridge. Data courtesy of Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA)
Eugene-Springfield Pollen Count:

Grass……….Moderate (11)

Trees……….Low (13)

Last Counted: 5/29/14

Data Courtesy of Oregon Allergy Associates.



Forecast for the Southern and lower Mid Willamette Valley including Eugene-Springfield and Albany-Corvallis:

  • Partly cloudy this AM, mostly sunny this afternoon, partly cloudy tonight,
  • Partly cloudy Saturday AM, mostly sunny  in the afternoon, partly cloudy at night,
  • A mix of clouds and sun Sunday, partly cloudy at night.
  • highs near 74 lows 46-50.
  • Partly cloudy Monday through Thursday.
  • highs near 73 lows near 47. (seasonal averages high 69 low 45).





Forecast for the Umpqua Basin including Roseburg:

  • Partly cloudy this AM, becoming sunny early this afternoon, partly cloudy late afternoon and tonight,
  • Mostly cloudy Saturday AM, partly cloudy in the afternoon and evening, mostly cloudy late Saturday night,
  • Mostly cloudy Sunday AM, sunny in the afternoon, then mostly cloudy late at night.
  • highs 77-79 lows near 50.
  • Partly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of thunderstorms Monday through Tuesday night,
  • Then just partly cloudy Wednesday through Thursday.
  • highs 79-83 lows near 52. (seasonal averages high 73 low 49)





Forecast for the South Oregon Coast including Coos Bay and North Bend:

  • Sunny, then becoming  partly cloudy late this afternoon and evening, mostly cloudy late tonight,
  • Mostly cloudy Saturday AM, partly cloudy in the afternoon, mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of showers late Saturday night,
  • Then mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of drizzle Sunday AM, then partly cloudy in the afternoon and Sunday night.
  • highs near 64 lows near 54.
  • Then partly cloudy Monday through Thursday.
  • highs near 65 lows near 53. (seasonal averages high 60 low 49).



Forecast for the Cascades in Lane County:

  • Mostly sunny this afternoon, partly cloudy tonight,
  • AM clouds and sun, mostly sunny Saturday, partly cloudy at night,
  • Partly cloudy Sunday AM, mostly sunny in the afternoon, then partly cloudy Sunday night.
  • free air freezing level 10,000 ft. today, 11,000 ft. tonight, 10,000 ft. Saturday, 11,000 ft. Saturday night and Sunday, then 12,000 ft. Sunday night.
  • highs 67-60  warming back to 67 Sunday lows near 40.
  • Partly cloudy Monday, a slight (20%) chance of showers at night,
  • Partly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of showers Tuesday, then just partly cloudy Tuesday night through Thursday.
  • free air freezing level 10,000 ft. Monday, 11,000 ft. at night, snow level above 8,000 ft. Tuesday, then free air freezing level 12,000 ft. Tuesday night through Thursday.
  • highs 67-63 warming to 65 Thursday lows near 40.




**Because weather forecasting is a combination of science, intuition, and timing there can be no absolute guarantees that individual forecasts will be 100% accurate. Nature is in a constant state of flux and sudden unexpected weather events can happen.




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